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sorey to do this again guys...

Ok but due to the fact people who have me friended like to lie to me about there intentions and they go talk shit about me in journal entries I have decided to change my eljay name again. Im sick of mellow drama that I have made it a point to say I didnt want any part of but of course I get ripped right in the middle of it. I have more real life problems to deal with I dont need eljay bullshit along with it. Im sure this person/persons knows who they are and they probably have no remorse or even care that what they said about me hurt me deeply. I do not like being talked about and even worse I hate being accused of lieing and being a vicious backstabber. I didnt have anything to do with what you accused me of. For 1 I already told you and the other parties of this sitchuation that I wanted to not be apart due to the fact Im friends with you all. and 2 I havent barely been online in the past 3 or 4 days cause SOREY HUN I DO HAVE A FUCKING LIFE!!! I hate to sound like a total bitch but Im sick of being thrown in the middle of this shit and I do believe I act 18..im not the one hacking peoples journals and lying about why I did so...yes you were caught in the lie not only be me but by other people. I never would have expected such a low move from you. I THOUGHT of you as a sister and then you have to go get jealous because I have other friends, a life, and im not taking your side in some petty bullshit fight about something I dont even remember why you are all even fighting. I thought I was doing the mature thing by not taking sides and sitting on the sidelines while all this went down. I also am uber pissed at the fact you put a friends filter on your fucking eljay when you knew better...I havent been running to Steph and Christine with all this nonsense and gay ass high school shit like you accuse. Im glad to see how you really see me hun. To think I would do something so awful to you makes me even more mad. I thought you knew me better then that..but here lately im wrong about everything. I mean you know....I have every right to be mad about a few things you have done to me lately. You continue to bash me in your journal and I do get the fact it is your journal but when I confront you it seems like either before or right after the entries seem to disappera. As for that one entry that was made while I was kicked out of the house that was read to me over the phone and then suddenly vanished the day you knew I was back home...hun can you say you are the immature one. I had to get this off my chest before I totally close this journal down. It sucks cause I love this journal so much and it has so many inside jokes and memories and I made this when I was going through a rough spot in my life oh yes and you had to go and advertise that to...what a great friend you are. Whatev..Im threw with this...so on that note im adding a friends filter to my journal so you cant read my last few entries since that is the petty games you want to play. It sucks cause I really did care for you like family but you killed that with wanting to be a backstabber yourself. Guys look to the next entry for my new journal name and hopefully I have better luck with that one. I dont want to lose more friends but when you want to act like a cunt and accuse people of shit before you can even ask...well then all I can say is KARMA. Hope to see all my TRUE FRIENDS at my new lj.
till much later all my love hun *kisses*
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